Wednesday, September 12, 2001

The Real origin of Quran

Muslim people believe in some false stories about Muhammad and they want others to believe in those false stories. But Roman Catholicism is clearly better than Islam. Islam is a violent religion. Jihad,Al qaeda and other islamic institutions are the examples of this violence. Muhammad, the founder of this religion was a false prophet. But the Arabians were unable to recognise him and they believed in his evil teachings. Muhammad oftenly went to Jerusalem and Constantinople for need of business. At that time, Jerusalem and Constantinople were Christian places. From there Muhammad collected the Old Testament and the Gospels. Then he started to translate them in Arabic. He did not translated them word to word, but he added some verses by himself. Like this he himself derived the Quran from the Holy Bible. But later he lied to his disciples that the "Allah" sent it to him by Archangel "Zibrail" (derived from Gabriel).

Thus Muhammad established the religion "Islam", the religion of violence, falseness, terrorism and all evil.